Our Dedication

Our staff here at Primary Fundamentals is dedicated to providing professional tutoring and coaching services to children and parents. We are dedicated to addressing the needs of our clients, which means investigating the child’s needs, putting a plan in place and working towards their set goals to experience success.

We provide one on one and group online tutoring services.

Not only are we dedicated to students, but we are also dedicated to parents and believe in parent advocacy. Parent sessions are provided to parents to ensure they know school policies, advocate for their children, help their children at home and get any pertinent information needed to help foster parent-teacher partnerships for student success. In addition, our tutors can act as an educational consultant, to attend parent-teacher conferences with you to help clarify and gather important information about your child to help ensure academic success.

Our Vision

Primary Fundamentals, LLC seeks to provide fundamental thinking, reading, writing, math and communication skills to students… all skills needed in our ever-changing world; in hopes that students attain a solid foundation to be successful, life-long learners. We believe that as students develop good habits of mind, that they will develop and use skills that will take them through to adulthood. These habits include persistence, managing impulsivity, questioning, gathering data through senses, meta-cognition and listening with understanding and empathy.

Our Mission

It is our priority at Primary Fundamentals to take the concerted effort and input of parents, teachers and assessments to assist children in building and maintaining a high-quality foundation of educational success.

Our Staff

Primary Fundamentals, LLC takes pride in providing exemplary customer service from experienced educators. These educators administer assessments, collaborate and create your child’s coaching plan and provide personalized, in-home tutoring sessions to students. 

  • Bianca Lassiter (Pre- K to 3rd grade/Math and Literacy)
  • Dr. Sandy Mitchell (3rd-8th grade/ Math/Science/Literacy)
  • Deidre Smith (Pre-K to 3rd/Math and Literacy)
  • Joshua Patrick (3rd-8th grade/Math)

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